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Goodness my own platform to speak from? I’m exciting to see what Tuesdays will bring from the ‘he said’ stand point.

I’m trying to think of a brilliant way to start this off, but to be honest, I’m just not coming up with anything.  It was a LONG Monday.  As a work from home father I often get to spend a lot of time with the kids through the course of the day. We still put in full time hours for our business, just most of the time those 8-10 hours of work happen when the kids are in quiet time or asleep at night.  Despite all that time with the kids when a day comes along that I have to spend working in the office, Oliver generally comes in and demands (or rather with multiple requests) that I come play with him and even for as much time as I have already spent with him, I feel like such a neglectful father for saying “no, I can’t” repeatedly to him.  Parental guilt.  It’s all relative isn’t it?  Oliver gets more time in one day with me, than many other kids do with their fathers over the course of several days to a week, but on a day when he only gets to spend 4-6 hours with me he acts like I haven’t given him any.  There is a balance in there somewhere and I’ll just have to continue to search and find it.  The most important thing I keep trying to put into action is it’s not the amount of time, but the quality of the time. 4 hours with my kids that I spend 75% of checking my computer and iPhone does not mean they had me for 4 hours.

I love my children and I need to show them with my actions, not just tell them with my words. That has been the lessen that I’ve been teaching Oliver this last month (to do more than to say) and it’s important that I exemplify that to them.

Well not a ground breaking first entry, but something I’m glad to have shared. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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