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Happy Makeup Monday!

I have a confession.  Up until a year ago I didn’t understand the importance of primer.  All these years I allowed my makeup to just run off my face and eyes and I would get mad at my product or my skin.  I mean, come on skin, it’s important to me that my makeup stay on all day and looks the way I applied it that morning.  Who hasn’t walked out of the house to head off to some event feeling AWESOME about the way their makeup looks thus feeling AWESOME about the way they look thus just plain ol’ feeling AWESOME, to get home, or slip into the bathroom, to look in the mirror and your eye shadow is a mess and your foundation and powder is no where to be seen.  Confidence ROCKED!

I got to the point that I stopped wearing eye makeup, except mascara, because there was NO point.  It would rub off in about 30 minutes.  SO frustrating.  Well, that frustration happens no more!

As I brushed up on my makeup artistry skills, I went to makeup stores and artists to talk to them about their little tips and tricks.  This is where I learned the importance of primer and what kinds to use.  There are tinted primers, primers for eyes, primers for face, gel primers and cream primers, primers that mattify and primers that add shimmer.

I am a basic kind of gal, so I went with a mattifying gel primer and a clear eye primer.  Why not just use the face primer on your eyes too?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  The primer you use on your eyes is a little more waxy than the one for the rest of your face since your lids get rubbed every time you blink.

So, how and when do you use your primer?

After you’ve washed and moisturized your face, put a small amount of your face primer on your finger tips and rub onto your skin.  It depends on what brand you are using but, usually, a little goes a long way.  Then apply your eye primer to your eyelids using your finger tips or, if you want you can use a lip brush.  Let both set up for a minute or two.  This is a good time to brush your teeth or practice your expressions in the mirror (you know you do it :)), then apply your foundation, or go straight to powder, and apply your makeup as usual. Don’t have an “as usual” routine yet? Well, hopefully these tips and tricks will help you find what works best for you.

*LEARNED THE HARD WAY NOTE: after priming your eyes it is vey important to set your eye primer with your foundation or skin coloured powder.  If you don’t you will not be able to blend your eye shadow and will end up with a frustrating mess. Believe me!

Where do I get some of this AWESOME primer stuff?

You can find it everywhere from your local drugstore to MAC and Sephora.  Also, we have my favorite (Sensation Primer Mattifying Gel by Modern Basics and their eyelid primer) available for sale here at PHOTOBIN PHOTOGRAPHY (email me if you’re interested. I can even ship it to you!).  SO many people kept asking about it when I did their makeup that we’ve decided to bring it in.

The best example I have for the “you should use primer” debate is from a client of ours.  I did her makeup early one morning and she told me that she couldn’t believe how long her makeup stayed on!  She went home, packed (she was moving), took a nap, packed some more, went for a run, took a quick shower and went out dancing that night and said her makeup never budged!

So next time you are updating your makeup kit, make sure you include primer on your list and keep your makeup where you put it; on your face 🙂

Thanks and have a beautiful day!

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