when life gives you a Pinterest fail make hashbrowns | a vancouver moms adventure of suddenly cooking mostly gluten and dairy free

make the best of what you've got

I am a pretty good cook.  I was able to hide this from Tobin for about 15 years.  I would whip up a full Turkey dinner or handmade perogies for Christmas but in general, I didn’t cook up anything special or consistantly.  Kind of my way of making sure I wasn’t saddled with the constant responsibility of cooking.  Tobin and I share the responsibility (just like we do with, well, everything).
All that changed about 3 months ago.  Oliver all of a sudden started having erratic behavior and was lashing out.  At first we thought it was a phase (and in part it was, he did just turn five and had a major growth spurt) but as I observed him more it seemed to flair up more drastically when he ate certain food.

DING DING!  When I was in Paris, one of the amazing women there talked about how her daughter had a major gluten sensitivity and how her daughter went from completely unmanageable to mild tempered by eliminating the certain foods.  At first I thought that this behavior was something Oliver would get over, then as I watched more I realized his eyes ALWAYS had dark circles under them and he had a rash down his back for most of his life. HMMMM.

BUT I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE ANOTHER THING IN OUR LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!!  (insert stomping feet and adult temper tantrum here)

But I also knew I had to, for him and for everyone.  We have discovered that Oliver is lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive, as well as there seems to be some additive in food when we eat out that gives him CRAZY BRAIN.  When he is eating the foods that his body can process everyone wins.  So now our family is making a HUGE switch to lactose free (and I LOVED my lattes and cheesy eggs), low gluten and minimal processed foods.  Because of this, I had to out myself to Tobin that I can cook… well, I can follow a recipe and sometimes come up with a few things on my own.  In the two months I have made glutten free, dairy free, rice flour banana pancakes; dairy free, gluten free regular pancakes; gluten free brownies made with black beans instead of flour; gluten free blondies made with chickpeas instead of flour; amazing rich chocolate made with coconut oil, honey and cocoa powder and to my surprise, no major failures… until Saturday night.

It was a fantastic summer day and we were ending it with organic turkey dogs on fresh made buns (full on flour but no preservatives), homemade beans and to top it off, I wanted potato chips.  I thought, I’ve got potatoes, I can bake up some AMAZING home made potato chips.  Oh, and not just regular potato chips but a mix of regular potato and yams.  I was SO pleased with myself.  I followed the recipe and right before throwing them in the oven I knew I had failed.  Majorly failed.  I put half of it in the oven in hopes I had a magic oven that would turn these lumps of potato into the beautiful crispy chips like on the website (http://www.homecookingadventure.com/recipes/homemade-baked-potato-chips) I found it from but also knowing better, I called Tobin and had him pick up some “real” potato chips from the store.  Good thing I did, because I do not have a magic oven.  My potato chips were somehow ½ cooked and burnt at the same time.  I put the rest of the uncooked potatoes into the fridge with grand plans for hashbrowns which were served up this morning for breakfast.

I wish I had photos documenting the fail because I totally would have posted it on pinterestfail.com but as I was frying up my potato mush this morning all I could think was…

When life gives you a Pinterest fail, make hashbrowns!

Thanks and have a beautiful day!

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