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Up until last May we were a “shoot everything” photography business.  Partly to pay the bills, partly because Tobin enjoyed the challenges that came with the different types of shoots and subject, but mostly because saying “no” to a potential client and thus saying “no” to income when you are a small business that is just scraping by is TERRIFYING.

At first, when we decided to specialize in portrait photography with an emphasis on the {modern glamour} experience, we had to say “no” to all the work we used to do, including video productions, commercial photography, even doing massages, reiki and pedicures (me, not Tobin).  It was scary but worth it because it gave us the focus to define and refine what we were doing.  Now that we are in the tweaking stage of our portrait and glamour portraits we are ready to selectively open ourselves up to the services we used to offer that we REALLY enjoyed and still saying “no” to the things we don’t LOVE doing.

We do do a select number of weddings, lifestyle shoots, commercial work and video productions (but still “no” to massages, reiki and pedicures) but since our website is designed to introduce people to our {modern glam} experience we haven’t showcased much of it here… or anywhere, but now we do.

Along with our tips, tricks and opinions in the world of photography, PHOTO THURSDAYS give us a chance to share our “other” work.

We did an engagement session for this awesome couple that they used for their wedding invitations.  We were excited (and I was a bit nervous) for this shoot because we were stepping back outside for the first time since we went “natural light studio”.  The groom-to-be is a Director of Photography in the film industry, it was January and from our consultation and inspiration package we really needed it to be sunny so Tobin could shoot the lens flare that photographers and DP’s seem to be addicted to.   Well, all the cards aligned and, even though it was VERY cold, our bride-to-be was a super trooper and didn’t let it show how cold she was.


sunset engagement session in beautiful Vancouver BC

Thanks and have a beautiful day!



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