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I wrote this post in March but didn’t know where to post it, but now I have the perfect place!  So, here you go…

You know that feeling when you slip into fresh clean sheet?  It’s AH-MAY-ZING!!! Well, I just got that feeling with my own skin…literally.

At the end of this week Tobin and I are going to a fancy event where I not only am going to wear 5” heels (for the first time since I was 18 and a dancer, oh that reminds me, I should start practicing walking around in them 🙂 ) but I am wearing a fantastic silk and chiffon dress that is…above the knee.  EEEKKKK!  I have hidden my legs since I was 20.  This dress shows so much skin (legs and arms) I needed to get myself psyched up a week in advanced.

On top of running our full time photography business Tobin and I are full time parents to our amazing son and daughter who are 4 and 2, respectively.  I literally have calluses on my knees from playing on the floor with them and exfoliation is a word from my past kid-free days of working in a spa.  Also, I am on a big kick of moving away from the so many toxins that we are exposed to everyday in search for alternative beauty products that I can find in my kitchen.  I needed to do something about my calluses since they will be on display for the first time in over a decade and a half and I wanted to start now.  My esthetics background has taught me that everything I really need is in my kitchen and my computer.  We have lemons that are turning and need to be used, I’ve got sugar, and Google!  I found the most AMAZING scrub recipe.  All natural and, honestly, tastes great (I was using it on my super scaly face and lips).

The recipe I found online and tried is here (plus she has some great advice on WHY you want to use these ingredients) BUT here is how I am going to make it for next time (because, oh, there will be a next time!!!):

body scrub from the kitchen

everything you need may be in your kitchen


¼c.  lemon

1 teaspoon olive oil (but I think I will try coconut oil)

1 teaspoon organic honey

1/3  cup refined sugar

small bowl with lid

Squeeze juice of lemon into small bowl, whisk in honey and oil.  Add sugar and stir until all sugar is coated.

This makes a smaller amount so you don’t waste any and since you shouldn’t exfoliate like this more than once a week and I’m not sure what the shelf life on this would be, I just plan on making a small fresh batch each time.  I like my scrub to be a bit drier and grittier than the original recipe.

Now here is the big tip for use.  If you are an old scaly mess like me you will want to use this scrub from forehead to toes.  I started on my face and only applied a small amount of pressure then I worked my way down my body with a Mr. Miagi approach of “wax on. wax off.” (a.k.a circular motion).  Then I rinsed.  My skin felt soft but also a little filmy still.  So I started to rub at my skin and *OVER SHARE WARNING* the yucky layer of dead, dull skin started rolling off.  It was like the scrub prepped my skin for exfoliation but didn’t finish the job.  So I manually exfoliated (a fancy way of saying rubbed) my skin and was SHOCKED.  First shocked at how much build up there was on my skin but more shocked that the exfoliated skin on my legs was coming off blue…BLUE!  It took a minute of thinking and then it dawned on me.  It’s the dye from my dark denim jeans.  CRAZY!  So after a final rinse off I jumped out of my amazingly relaxing and rejuvenating “research” and did the final step of exfoliation I always recommended to my clients at the spa, dry yourself off vigorously with your towel.  What’s great about this is there is no need to moisturize after you shower because the olive oil in the scrub does that for you!


my little helper

Isla getting in on the action.

homemade body scrub

our final product!

diy body scrub

Isla moving in for a taste.

body scrub taste test

She LOVED the way it tasted! Think lemon drop candies… YUM!


Now I can’t stop caressing my super soft skin.  Even my clothes feel better. So simple and so absolutely fabulous!  I can’t wait to do more research for more wonderful things to share with you!!!


Thanks and have a beautiful day!


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