love everything… even yourself | vancouver portrait photographer, father and all around good guy

Why do I do what I do? The simple reason is love.

I love photography.
I love being social with people.
I love the reaction people have to discovery how beautiful they are.
But mostly….
I love my daughter and want to change the world she lives in.

That’s not too dramatic right?

The first educator or our little girls are their mothers and before they understand language and what we say, they understand what they see and what we do. If mom stands in front of the mirror and takes a deep depressive sigh with a frown on her face… guess what baby understands?

I’m not trying to convince people to put on a brave face or any other kind of mask. It’s about loving ourselves… now. As we are. And please understand I’m not trying to preach to anyone.

I’ve had a challenge with this myself. And still do. I’m a large chested, big hipped, extended belly guy. I’ve never said that before. It’s embarrassing for me to acknowledge it. Or it was. I have been the guy that wears a t-shirt swimming. I don’t know where it started. When other kids made fun of me for my belly stretch marks or when my dad patted my teenage tummy and said “What is this?”, or when I began comparing myself to the oogled after guys that the girls I liked would crush on in the magazines. However it was, it became a part of me and how I lived on the inside.

This last year, I began taking off the shirt at the pool as I took Oliver swimming. I had to come to terms with: this is me now.

Can things change? Sure, I’ve lost 60lbs in the last few years. And they will change more, but I don’t need to wait for that ‘some day’ to accept myself. I’m sure that you’ve all read the heard that old line “there rare 7 days in a week and ‘someday’ is not one of them”. Well I’m done waiting for someday to come.

Oliver tells me when he’s serious about something that “he will show me with his actions, not his words.” And I must do the same.

You are extraordinary. You are all extraordinary.

Let us not just tolerate or accept ourselves. Let’s learn how to LOVE ourselves… for our children.

Everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to see themselves that way.

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