summer days | vancouver modern portrait studio owner, makeup artist and mama

I used to LOVE summer!  The change of routine, the sunshine, the relaxation of having no set schedule.  “Used to?”, you ask.  Well, I still do love summer.  I do love that it doesn’t take 20 minutes to find jackets, hats and boots to get out the door.  I love the long days and the sunshine BUT as for the change in routine and having no set schedule.  That has been rough this year.

This is our first year experiencing having a child who is usually at school 4 days a week at preschool at home during the summer and everyone is having a hard time adjusting.  We did so well during the school year and even if we weren’t actually more productive it felt like we were because we weren’t so divided.  Isla had her “queen of the castle” time while Oliver was away at school and Isla is fiercely independent so she would play on the bed next to us as we worked or in her room or even in Oliver’s room and we would get SO much done.  Now that Oliver’s home that has all changed.  My intention was to set a new daily routine for the kids that includes learning time, outside time and all the other great things I would love to include in a day but the honest truth is, after having sick kids in the house for 2 weeks, launching the next step of our business, maintaining relationships with clients as well as our own, I am just surviving each moment as it comes.

But this all comes at me as so bittersweet.  I almost can’t wait for fall, for the return of routine but that being said, my little boy, our first born, is heading off to kindergarten in the fall and we all start our journey into the next stage of our family life and so because of that I want the summer to go on forever.

I am constantly reminding myself to cherish this time, be grateful because I do get to be an active part of their everyday and to just simply breath.  My children are not my excuse for not getting the things done that I want to do.  They are my purpose of why I do everything that I do.

Breath. Focus and above all have fun!

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