looking from the outside in | she said

Sometimes I get so focused and fixated on what is ahead and how to keep our little business going I forget to stop and celebrate the fact that, right now, I have the gift of living my dream.  Lately, I have had to remind myself that not everybody (or heck, actually that not many people at all) get to live their dream.  I do and, yes, there is a need to keep a couple steps ahead with a plan to keep the cog of our business turning but Tobin and I should stop and celebrate every success, no matter how small it may feel. Wow, we made rent!  Wow, our kids didn’t have any time outs today! Wow, at the end of the day, I am excited to have quiet time with Tobin…still, after 17 years!  Wow, I like myself!  Wow, I made a new friend… Wow! I could keep going on this list and it feels good!!!

It was today, when I met a friend for coffee that I haven’t seen in a long time (like 4 years we figured) and was talking about what we have done in the past year.  How we had great success right out of the gate, how we stumbled and how we rebuilt our business with a strong foundation instead of a house of cards.  Along side of that we also had all the ups and downs, challenges and victories of raising 2 young children that I took a moment and actually heard what I was saying.  Ultimately, I have everything I have ever wished for and yes, it is crazy, busy and stressful but this is my dream.   I am present in my children’s life, I get to work with my partner in life and he is present in our children’s life, my job (no my passion) not only fuels my soul, it has a positive impact on those who acquire our services and that has a trickle effect into the people in their lives.

I may forget from time to time but I am blessed.  I am grateful.  I am human. I am trying to be present.  I am breathing. I am living my dream and, you know what, it’s time to dream bigger!

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