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Here is Kristyl’s {modern glam} experience:

While I totally adore my two young daughters from head-to-toe, the same can’t be said about my post baby body. I am by no means fat or even overweight, however, the effect of gravity and two back-to-back pregnancies has taken its toll on my once toned and taught frame.

With that being said, I was pretty nervous the night before my big PHOTOBIN shoot. Not only was I going to be posing for a glamour session, I’d also be stripping down to my undies for my very-first boudoir session. Eek!

I had hoped to get in shape or at least pick up a box of Crest White Strips, but diaper duty and toddler tantrums trumped the treadmill and teeth bleaching.  You know how it is when you have kids? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in their well-being that you neglect to take care of yourself.

My usual daily attire involves my signature not-so-glam look: Costco yoga pants, Costco hoodie, a swipe of mascara and wet hair pulled back in a top not.

So you can imagine my surprise when Alejandra (the makeup artist they brought in for the day) spun me around to see my newly made-over reflection in the mirror — total, complete shock!

With bouncy, cascading curls and perfectly applied makeup, I felt like a movie star.

“I’m certainly going out tonight!” I said with an extra pep in my step as I was lead over to see Tobin for my shoot.

I felt lit from within, positively glowing as Tobin directed me in front of the lens. Normally camera shy, I felt at ease and not like my socially awkward self. Tobin is so easy going and knows all the tricks to show off your best angles. I soaked up every last tip and have been using them for photos ever since.

And then came the scary part — time to strip down and pretend that I’m sexy and I know it.

After a few deep breaths and adjustment of the not-so-perky gals, I stepped out of the bathroom wearing not a whole heck of a lot.

As someone who wears cartoon flannel pajamas, even in the midst of a summer heat wave, I worried I’d feel a little foolish at first frolicking around in lingerie. Again, I found myself cool as a cucumber thanks to Tobin and Sarah.  The dynamic duo are so candid and encouraging that I left the session with a big confidence boost and some pretty spectacular photos to show off to my future grandchildren.

Looking back at my pics, I don’t notice the cellulite or extra few pounds around my midsection. Instead, I see a proud Valley mama who stepped out of her comfort zone to shed her inhibitions, a few layers and feel comfortable once again in her skin — stretch marks, thick thighs and all!

Here are some beautiful shots from Kristyl’s {modern glam} experience with us.

Kristyl from SHE'S A VALLEY MOM blog steps outside her comfort zone to find a new confidence.

Kristyl from SHE’S A VALLEY MOM blog steps outside her comfort zone to find a new confidence.

Oh, and for the boudoir photos… well, those are just for Kristyl and her husband 😉

Thank you Kristyl for sharing your experience with us!

Kristyl Clark is the publisher of She’s a Valley Mom — a dynamic ‘blogazine’ that combines helpful parenting tips, fabulous finds and in-depth features, along with candid musings on motherhood —   bloggy style — from Kristyl and her crew of Valley moms and dads.

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Thanks and have a beautiful day!


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