push. fail. learn. evolve | vancouver modern portrait studio

On Tuesday I re-watched some of a creativeLIVE course from a year back that changed so much about my photography. And this time watching it, a graphic that Roberto Valenzuela created stuck out to me more than it had before:

This is my sketch of it:


I want to make it a point every week to reflect on which of these four I am primarily immersed in. Knowing that one always leads to another, I will not feel bogged down that one phase will never end, for each will, although the cycle will go on and on.

And all of this, to me, relates to Roberto’s biggest lesson: always practice.  Like a concert violinist, don’t wait until the performance. Practice. Practice. Practice and with that: Push. Fail. Learn. Evolve.

This is why I plan on starting a once a month creative shoot starting in September.  I look forward to sharing with you the results… or possibly involving you in the process 😉


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