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So, last week we started to dive into foundations and, as promised, here is part two!  More types of foundations:


type of coverage: medium. good for evening out skin tone and texture but not full coverage of dark circles or bad breakouts

good for_______ skin type: good for all skin types

how to apply: same as a liquid foundation (see last weeks post) but you will find that since it is lighter in texture that it doesn’t require as much blending.

cream to powder:

type of coverage: medium to light

good for_______ skin type: oily and “normal” (I have a hard time with calling it “normal” because normal skin is whatever the skin your in is doing at the time, that’s normal but I have yet to come up with or find a term for not too oily or too dry.  If you have one let me know because it is not cool that women of all ages think that just because there skin is a little shinier or drier means that they are not normal! Sorry, psychology of marketing and the way that it kills our self esteem rant over… for know) oh, if your skin is on the drier (lacking oil) or dehydrated (lack water) side then you will want to stay clear of a mattifying product because it will dry you skin out a little more and enhance any flaking or dry patches that you have.

how to apply: same as a liquid foundation but you will want to apply it in smaller sections since it is harder to blend once it is set.

powder foundation:

type of coverage: medium to light

good for_______ skin type: oily and “normal” for the same reasons mentioned above

how to apply:  powder foundation is usually pressed into a compact  and comes with a sponge applicator.  You can use this for more coverage or if you are looking for just a little coverage use a powder brush


So, I hope this helps you next time you are heading out to buy or even use the foundation you have in your cupboard J


Thanks and have a beautiful day!

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