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Well it’s official, we have a child in kindergarten, which means we have a child out of the house 5 days a week, PLUS Isla is going 3 days a week in the afternoons. I’m a little overwhelmed by the aspect of that time, also a little intimidated. I have already push pressure on myself to achieve GREAT things in that 90 minutes of childless quietness 3 days a week.

The state of our house is currently… a little disheveled, as are our minds; although, less now than a week ago, as Sarah and I were just away for a 2 day business retreat where we plastered the walls with post-it notes that were filled with goals, tasks and dreams; getting everything that was jumbled in our minds into one place.

We know what we have is for pretty much everyone, we’re just figuring out how to let everyone know A) that we exist B) what kind of service it is we offer, and C) what it can do for them.

And so starting in 2 weeks (Oliver is in a slow phase in process), Sarah and I will have 90 minutes, 3x per week to work on that tri-fold mission.

We believe everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to see themselves that way… and they will.


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