ok, I’m going to gloat! | vancouver award winning modern portrait photographer

So I had a different blog post set-up for today, but then got an email that an image I’d entered in the “shadow & light” category of a photo contest had won. (it’s actually even an image that I was going to include in my other post, oddly enough)

I think the reason I am most happy about this is that I have entered 2 other photo contests before (which I did win), but they were both for genres that I don’t really photograph much (one for newborn and one for pets)., where as this one is for a portrait!

This has certainly encouraged me now to want to look into more photo contests.

Here is the winning image. Simple, clean with contrast and a kind, warm hearted subject.

natural light modern portrait of a tattooed man in black and white


Thank you for letting me gloat a little. I’m excited about these little things that are happening for our studio.



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