yup! we’ve become “those” people | he said

healthy life!Wow. Every once in a while I re-realize what a shift our family has made in such a short time.

We’ve done morning smoothies (fruit smoothies) for a number of years, but in the last year we have become green smoothie folks. Yes, the entire family. 2x per day. Our fruit smoothies have become accompanied by kale, carrots, spinach, cucumber as well as a number of ‘super foods’ like hemp hearts, chia seeds and flax seeds.  Shortly after that began, it quickly spread through our kitchen.  Organic fruits. Brown rice. Black rice. Kale. More kale. Organic carrots. More spinach. Organic tofu… and local when possible.

Today at lunch Sarah looked at the bag of chips on the table… made with chia, flax, kale and quinoa and said “We really have become ‘those people’ haven’t we?”

Yes. Yes we have. And wow do we all feel better for it!

I still get confused by all the ‘nutrition information’ that we get bombarded with… but I’ll save that for another post.



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