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We share many images of the amazing women that have come through our little studio, but as I was doing a bit of archiving last week, I re-realized we’ve had some men come through as well and man, oh man, have I enjoyed those sessions too.

If you’ve been in one of our shoots, you know that I mirror the poses, which with women includes popping hips, smiling with my eyes, weight on back foot and so forth.  It often gets at least a few giggles (including some from Sarah who has been watching me do this for some time now, so obvious watching a 6’5” man hit feminine figure flattering poses doesn’t get old fast). I do ask Sarah to please book some gentlemen in at least once a month so that I can do some more masculine mirroring.

Here is are some of the men I have photographed a while back. We’ve joked, we’ve laughed, we’ve kicked a soccer ball and yes… a few have also giving me those smiling eyes as they put their weight on their back foot 🙂

men's contemporary portraits

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