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So we haven’t blogged in several weeks. (editors note: this was written 2 weeks ago on October 8th) Sorry about that. I know we said we’d keep you all up to speed on what’s happening. It’s been busy… wonderful… and exciting.  We’ve returned to a little bit of commercial shooting for a lumber company, we shot a magnificent wedding and we attended a big Women in Biz Network Conference and met some great people, but the biggest thing we were working on… well let me tell you a little bit about that.

Last Friday we were preparing a BIG announcement. We were signing the lease on a NEW STUDIO; however, Sarah had to go to city hall before the renovations began to get some permits and such to be sign off…. And they said ‘no’. She appealed it, but for zoning reasons (they didn’t think our business was related enough to the business that is running below– a hair salon), and since we were a shared space and entrance, they would not permit it.

While we were disappointed about the decision, we are sure there is a greater reason than just the city saying no and we are excited to resume the search for a new studio space for our little business to grow. While the city may have denied the zoning, the woman Sarah met at city hall was helpful and did try to make it work for us and has given us some very helpful information. Plus, having met the fabulous owner of the hair salon we were going to be working with… I’m sure some great things are in store for future collaborations.

We do love the space we are in and look forward to welcoming many of you into it for your own {modern glam} experience. And with a little assistance from a great company that makes portable ‘window light’, our days will continue to be bright throughout the winter.

Plus since we are staying in our space, I don’t have to make any new experience videos quite yet 😉

So let me leave you with one of our more recent ones we did with Chef Maribel- FoodDiva.com


Thanks for checking in. We are working on our content to get back on our blogging cycle soon.

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