The next step in our creativeLIFE

For anyone who has been following us for some time, you are probably well aware of our passion for continuing to improve ourselves by learning from some of the best of the best through resources like creativeLIVE.

Recently Sarah and I had the opportunity to return to creativeLIVE and attend another amazing workshop, this time with the ever charming Lou Freeman.

We first watched Lou teach during photo week with creativeLIVE. It was amazing! I watched it three more times and even forced Sarah to sit down with me for the third, because the language Lou used, just spoke to us.  Once Sarah saw her photo week courses, she turned to me and said “we have to submit to be down at that creativeLIVE course. This will be another game changer for us!”  And Sarah was not wrong.

Ever since I attended Sue Bryce’s first creativeLIVE workshop, we have been working primarily with natural light, not available light, but natural light. Manipulating natural light with reflectors, boards and angles the way Sue Bryce inspired us to. Lou has now inspired… or rather motivated us to look at bringing back in some more dramatic light with strobes and speed lights. We will continue to do our natural light sessions and work primarily with natural light, but we will also be starting to use other lights and modifiers to create larger and more epic sessions as part of our portrait studio service.

I loved watching Lou teach so much that I went and looked at what else she has offered in the past. This week I will be looking at her digital course ‘modern lite’ and will share with you my thoughts after I have. I also recently sat down and had a chat with Lou about how she prepared herself up for some of her significant opportunities she created, and will share that with you in the coming weeks.

At the end of my interviewing Lou, I did ask if there was something she would like to share with everyone. She shared two things. One, a beautiful nugget of wisdom that will be in my follow up post… second, she is announcing a series of workshops that she will be doing across Canada and the USA in 2014.

I look forward to sharing more about our evolution as we expand our creativeLIFE.


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