Where Did We Go?

Obviously it’s been a while since we’ve blogged. Well a while since we’ve posted a blog. I’ve written several but they never made it online. Why? Well having a busy and exciting November and December, Sarah was rear ended, while sitting at a red light, and suffered some tissue damage and a concussion that just hasn’t gone away.

So why haven’t I posted? Well Sarah is our WordPress and blog gate-keeper, but I’m finally getting that figured out. Not the WordPress part, but our posting a blog part.

Instead of writing a novel about every that’s happened, I’ll give it to you short… which might still be a little long.

In November, Sarah and I were invited back to creativeLIVE to learn from the incredible Lou Freeman. While most first spout about Lou’s being the longest shooting woman for Playboy, I would start with her incredible commercial and glamour work that has graced the pages of magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar. Oh, I’m already making this long, but to digress a little further, we also did a bit of guest blogging for cL that we’d love to share with you in coming posts.

Anyway, while we were at creativeLIVE, Sarah’s mom was up here taking care of our kids and it just so happens that during this time, Sarah’s dad (who was alone at their house down in Washington) took a leap off a ladder and broke his leg in a few spots, so Sarah rushed off to his side, since she was the closest family member. It’s a much longer story that Sarah would be happy to tell you in person.

Then in early December, Sarah took a little trip down to LA to be a consultant to another photographer with setting up her portrait business, which was immediately followed by a family trip to bring down some joy to Sarah’s “in-valid” parents.

Jump to January 2nd. Sarah is rear ended, suffers the concussion and I go from the one who took the shots at photobin photography to the one who was running the business by myself, parenting mostly by myself and care giving to Sarah for several months.  I’m incredibly grateful to all our friends and family who stepped up to help.  And to Jen of Dames and Doll’s who became part of our {modern glam} experience and did the hair and make-up on our shoots.

Also during this process… we moved to a new studio location that I am in love with!!!! The light in this space in incredible!!! I’ve already photographed 6 people in the space and a new ‘girls day out’ experience video will be coming soon.

Last Sunday, Sarah returned for her first hair and make-up in months, and I’m happy to say that we feel she will be able join us in the studio for the {modern glam} experience up to once a week. Most other bookings within a given week will be with one of the other talented hair and make-up artists we have invited to join us.

Now that I’m figuring this ‘posting to our blog’ thing out… somewhat. I will do my best to keep you all more in the loop as to what is going on.

Coming up we will be having a give-away or two, a mother’s day special, some announcements about companies we have partnered with, a client appreciation night at our new space, an open house AND a family photo fundraiser.

Thank you again for everyone’s help, support and encouragement these last 3 months. Fingers crossed that in the next 4-6 months Sarah will complete her recovery and you will all get to see much more of her.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!


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