Dream Killers

Our 6 year old son has never been a good sleeper, through the night. I think our record for ‘nights staying in bed’ is currently at 5 consecutive. I thought the problem I had was just not getting enough sleep, until one night last year I realized my morning grogginess and brain fog stemmed more from unfinished business in my dream state. My dreams never came to a conclusion, I was almost always interrupted and yanked out of them.

Last week I started watching some unwatched portions of a course from my creativeLIVE library: Bulletproof Life.┬áIn the course there are a few sections dedicated to sleep. To say I had a paradigm shift would be an understatement. My children weren’t nearly the dream killers I thought they were. My environment was.

We are in the process of changing many things in our house to improve sleep, and so far, I think the first has been the most important… we unplugged our clocks and turned off all electronics, except our iPhone’s which are in airplane mode and are running a sleep app. Just unplugging our clock… that bright red set of numbers that illuminates the room has made an incredible difference.

Do you have children that have trouble sleeping through the night? What have you tried that has worked?

UPDATE (July 13th): Pretty soon after this post, we moved both kids into the same room and they have both stayed in bed through out the night. Oliver is still an early riser (as is his sister now) getting up between 5am and 5:45am, but no multiple middle of the night visits!!!

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