May Life Be Amazing.

Welcome to May. This is my most favourite month.  Not only because it’s my sons birthday, my birthday, Mother’s Day, and our anniversary of being married (18 years this year, if you can believe that),  but also that it is a time of warmth and sunshine, and a time to begin planning the summer activities.

And so I plan to make a new effort to share my love for all things amazing, during May (and I don’t just mean things that happen during May 😉 ) . I will be posting videos, updates or blog posts each day about something positive or wonderful. In fact how cool would that be if we all made an effort to not post negative stuff? I’m not saying make up happy posts, but let’s surround ourselves with positivity. Let’s feel good and help our neighbours feel good too!  Look for those random acts of kindness opportunities.

You are awesome and amazing, and I would love for you to share in the amazingness with us.

I’ll be using two hashtags to be able to keep track of it all. Using #aMAYzing and #MayLifeBeAmazing You can follow along and post with them as well.

May Life Be Amazing Day 1-2-web.jpg


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