When you know you’re putting what you want into the world

A friend of mine who follows our Facebook page messaged me about a dream she had the other night.

“Had a crazy dream last night and you were in it. I was at a medical conference and you were the key note speaker. You were speaking to all of us about how empowering it was to photograph for a group of cancer patients that had gone thru mastectomy. You spoke about how these woman had felt they had lost big pieces of themselves and not feeling beautiful anymore. But with your lenses and undivided attention they rediscovered how beautiful they really were.

I don’t no where this dream came from, it was very odd but so powerful and beautiful. I just wanted to share it with you… Hope you and the family are doing well.”

In the past we have donated sessions to I Picture Hope, a foundation that donates portrait sessions to women who are surviving or have survived breast cancer. What attracted us to it, was Sarah’s time in Paris with Sue Bryce making The Light That Shines, along with my own perspective¬†from when I saw a shirt that said “Save Second Base – Breastcancer awareness month”. And while I thought it was a funny shirt, I wanted to save the woman, more than¬†the breasts. I felt a woman can be beautiful and sexy, even without her breasts, and it was such a male idea to be about the breasts over the being.

I loved that, even subconsciously, our purpose in seeing EVERYONE as beautiful came across. Thank you Jennaya for sharing your dream with me, and for allowing me to share it with everyone.


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