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Rome in a day | vancouver based men’s {contemporary portrait} studio

As you are most likely aware, the majority of our portrait sessions are women having the modern glam experience, but once in a while I get a guy in on his own, which means I do a lot less hip-popping and a little more slouching.

The other week I had the pleasure of having Rome in for a contemporary portrait session. He joked before coming in that his shoot would be very different than a lot of our women, in that he would most likely be keeping his clothes on (a lot of our sessions end up with boudoir set-ups by the last few outfit changes, as people find themselves so comfortable with the relaxation and professionalism that Sarah and I present). Well, ironically, Rome ended up offering up his shirt a lot sooner than most, and deservedly so. He has been in a personal transition this last year and wanted to celebrate the new him, that includes some new ink.

The variety in our set-ups was awesome and the laughter we shared throughout, lent to the fun time we had.

I’m excited to be sharing with you a small selection of images that embody just some of the variety he and I created that day.

Rome, you are a great guy and I’m glad to get to call you my friend.

from professional head shot to hip hop gansta' phoTobin photography's men's {contemporary portraits}

Christine’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver portrait and posing studio

Christine Nielsen of Ms Pixel shares her {modern glam} experience on her blog,  Whine and Cheese. Click here to read it!


subtle and beautiful transformation with glamour photography transcending the everyday to see how beautiful you really are

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casey’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver glamour and maternity portrait studio

Casey found us through a contest we ran with Sex and the Suburb.  She won a runner up prize back in February and was so excited she booked right away.  Then she found out she was pregnant and wanted to postpone her {modern glam} experience until she had a nice little bump.  Fast forward 6 months and we had the pleasure of having Casey and Mitch in.  These two are SO in love and can’t wait to meet their newest family member.

Here is Casey’s {modern glam} experience in her own words:

I’d like to share a special experience with everyone that I feel very fortunate to have had. After booking a photo shoot with phoTobin I was extremely excited. Being 6 months pregnant, you don’t get out much let alone feel sexy, or look much better than mascara and hair thrown up in a messy pony tail for the most part. For me, applying makeup or doing nice hair were never a strength of mine so getting dolled up is an extremely rare occurrence for me.

When it came to that magical day, I had become very nervous. Yes I was going to get all glammed up but did I know what I was doing?  Would I be able to take a picture without a double chin or grinning funny (thoughts that crossed through my mind all morning) Fortunately, after about 5 mins of meeting Sarah and Tobin I chucked all of those thoughts out the door. These two could not have been more warm and welcoming and downright comfortable to be around.

We started with my “before shot” which is a brilliant idea because it is so nice to see how much you can evolve. Next we went through my outfits that I brought, and then Sarah turned this no makeup, pony tailed mom-to-be into a beauty queen. Confidence level rose about 100%.

As Sarah was making me up, Tobin was setting up the shoot, mapping out in so much detail, what I was going to wear, how I was going to pose, what back drops or props were needed. He had so many great ideas; it was like creative genius at work. You can tell Tobin puts so much thought into his work, that everyone’s photo shoots are designed specifically for them, not everyone is going to have the exact same experience and photos.  Basically all I did was show up, literally, and the professionals took over.

When it was time to shoot, he guided me and gave me great tips on how to take the best photograph. It was so smooth and comfortable and I had Sarah at my side helping with the minor details making sure there were no wardrobe malfunctions and that everything was perfectly in place.

Getting to know them, the whole time, seeing this couple and how happily in love they were, it made them the best team I could imagine. They really know how to capture a moment. I took a few pictures with my other half, and I don’t know how they did it but I could just feel the love pouring out of these pictures.

They captured some really precious moments for me. I would definitely recommend them to everyone. Like I said, all I had to do was show up and they did all of the rest. I felt like I had such a high when I walked out of the studio at the end of the day, I felt like a million bucks. Not only did I have a blast but my boyfriend did as well. For a guy who bores easily, I couldn’t believe how into this he was. He and  I would definitely love to do this again.


vancouver based modern glamour portrait studio maternity shoot

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annette’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver portrait and lifestyle photography

When you are on the right path it seems like one thing just leads to another.  Everything is connected.   You meet someone and they introduce you to something where you meet another person and you end up finding something that you need. Everything is connected.  This was the way Annette ended up in our studio for some head shots and we ended up in the park with her, her dogs and possibly a bear cub…

Annette shares her journey and {modern glam} experience on her blog here.

corporate head shots and pet photography


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she’s a valley mom’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver portrait and boudoir photography

Here is Kristyl’s {modern glam} experience:

While I totally adore my two young daughters from head-to-toe, the same can’t be said about my post baby body. I am by no means fat or even overweight, however, the effect of gravity and two back-to-back pregnancies has taken its toll on my once toned and taught frame.

With that being said, I was pretty nervous the night before my big PHOTOBIN shoot. Not only was I going to be posing for a glamour session, I’d also be stripping down to my undies for my very-first boudoir session. Eek!

I had hoped to get in shape or at least pick up a box of Crest White Strips, but diaper duty and toddler tantrums trumped the treadmill and teeth bleaching.  You know how it is when you have kids? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in their well-being that you neglect to take care of yourself.

My usual daily attire involves my signature not-so-glam look: Costco yoga pants, Costco hoodie, a swipe of mascara and wet hair pulled back in a top not.

So you can imagine my surprise when Alejandra (the makeup artist they brought in for the day) spun me around to see my newly made-over reflection in the mirror — total, complete shock!

With bouncy, cascading curls and perfectly applied makeup, I felt like a movie star.

“I’m certainly going out tonight!” I said with an extra pep in my step as I was lead over to see Tobin for my shoot.

I felt lit from within, positively glowing as Tobin directed me in front of the lens. Normally camera shy, I felt at ease and not like my socially awkward self. Tobin is so easy going and knows all the tricks to show off your best angles. I soaked up every last tip and have been using them for photos ever since.

And then came the scary part — time to strip down and pretend that I’m sexy and I know it.

After a few deep breaths and adjustment of the not-so-perky gals, I stepped out of the bathroom wearing not a whole heck of a lot.

As someone who wears cartoon flannel pajamas, even in the midst of a summer heat wave, I worried I’d feel a little foolish at first frolicking around in lingerie. Again, I found myself cool as a cucumber thanks to Tobin and Sarah.  The dynamic duo are so candid and encouraging that I left the session with a big confidence boost and some pretty spectacular photos to show off to my future grandchildren.

Looking back at my pics, I don’t notice the cellulite or extra few pounds around my midsection. Instead, I see a proud Valley mama who stepped out of her comfort zone to shed her inhibitions, a few layers and feel comfortable once again in her skin — stretch marks, thick thighs and all!

Here are some beautiful shots from Kristyl’s {modern glam} experience with us.

Kristyl from SHE'S A VALLEY MOM blog steps outside her comfort zone to find a new confidence.

Kristyl from SHE’S A VALLEY MOM blog steps outside her comfort zone to find a new confidence.

Oh, and for the boudoir photos… well, those are just for Kristyl and her husband 😉

Thank you Kristyl for sharing your experience with us!

Kristyl Clark is the publisher of She’s a Valley Mom — a dynamic ‘blogazine’ that combines helpful parenting tips, fabulous finds and in-depth features, along with candid musings on motherhood —   bloggy style — from Kristyl and her crew of Valley moms and dads.

Follow her on Facebook here or on Twitter @shesavalleymom.

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dianne’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver portrait photography studio

Dianne was a little nervous for her {modern glam} experience so she brought her dear friend, Leslee, with her.  We had such a wonderful time with these two!

Now, something a little special about this video is, it is made entirely of still photos.  Over 1200 photos!




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ghaz said | vancouver portrait studio and self confidence booster


beautiful woman

Sarah and Tobin,

I’m writing you in tears. My whole young life I was picked on and tormented because I was so ugly. Literally, people would call me straight up ugly. Being a hairy Persian in a immigrant family that didn’t understand style or the importance of tweezers, really didn’t help my case. Anyways, these same people that tormented me are now writing me and telling me how beautiful my picture is. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Just wish I could talk to that 10 to 16 year old me and tell her that a day like today will come and people will be praising you for your beauty.

Love you guys!!!

Beautiful (and now a little egotistical) Ghaz

Kylie’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver modern glamour portrait studio

In her own words…

“I have never been entirely comfortable being in photos. I would much rather take the picture, and focus on someone else. When I won a modern glam experience with phoTobin Photography (thanks to the Go Fit Gal’s Short and Sweet challenge) I thought I would be stepping way out of my comfort zone…but I was wrong! From the moment I arrived for my photo shoot, I felt like I was meeting up with good friends. Sarah and Tobin are truly kind, genuine, and friendly people. I instantly felt at ease. Sarah did such an amazing job with my hair and makeup that I could hardly believe I was looking at myself in the mirror, and Tobin’s patient and enthusiastic coaching made posing for the photos really fun. They even managed to get some great shots of my family, including my grumpy three year old who was in no mood to have his photo taken that day. It was hard to choose which pictures I wanted when I met with Sarah to review them, but she helped me narrow it down with absolutely no pressure or sales pitches, which I really appreciated. From start to finish it was a fantastic experience, and I would very highly recommend phoTobin Photography to anyone. Thank you so much Sarah and Tobin!”

-Kylie Hall

and here’s her shoot…


chef maribel’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver modern portrait and showreel studio

Chef Maribel of is one AMAZING woman!  She is a chef, has worked in the oil sands and just ran across Canada.  No, literally, she RAN across CANADA!!!  She saw our table at GLOW Coquitlam, took one look at our display and wanted to be photographed “like that”.

Maribel wins the award for the MOST ECLECTIC WARDROBE for a {modern glam} experience that’s for sure.  Take a look behind the scenes.




Thanks and have a beautiful day!

our content commitment | vancouver modern glamour portrait studio


overcome your fear and work hard for your deams

these words sat on my desktop over the past year to keep me focused!

Hi and thanks for stopping by!

Well, after a year of irresponsible blogging (as in not knowing what the heck we were doing and thinking no one was going to listen anyway, silly us ;)) we are reformed and ready to make the change.  If you decide to join us on this journey we promise to be consistent, educational, informative, opinionated, authentic and maybe even entertaining.  This is where you will get to know us and we would LOVE the chance to get to know you too so feel free to comment and start a conversation.

Yes, we are a photography studio but our blog won’t be just photo talk.  My (Sarah’s) hope is that we become a diverse resource.  As we go through this journey of life we are not JUST a photography studio, we are a married couple (for over 16 years), we are parents of young children, we are embarking on whole food cooking, we are running a business AND a household and we are doing all of this together.

To help us be consistent in our blogging (and to let you know what you can look forward to) here is our content commitment to you… though we do allow (and hope you do too) for some small variances should something super awesome happen that we want to share.

Mondays- HELLO BEAUTIFUL!– this is where I (Sarah) will share my primping and pampering tips and tricks as well as my favourite finds.  I will blog and even vlog some step by step demos.  For this one I will reach deep into my decade of esthetic expertise.

Tuesdays- HE SAID– this is where Tobin gets to share what’s on his mind.  The rants, raves and other inner workings of my modern man not put through the Sarah filter… okay, well, maybe a little filtered but, hey, I’m a totally control freak. 🙂  Tobin will share his thoughts on everything from smoothies to movies to tips on surviving crazy wife syndrome and everything in between.

Wednesdays- SHE SAID– my turn!  Here I will share what it really is like “behind the curtain”.  I will candidly share what it’s like systemizing the family and the business, balancing the notion of “having it all” with the reality of it, cooking, cleaning, co-parenting and co-working with my soul mate.  But I’m not JUST going to share but I’ll let you know what I’m doing about it.  Recipes, crafts, trials and triumphs will all be shared here.

Thursdays- PHOTOGRAPH RESPONSIBLY– this is for you photographers out there.  Tobin and I will take turns talking about our business and photography in general.  Tobin will talk the technical stuff (I’m not a photographer AT ALL) and I’ll talk business (though Tobin has AMAZING insight in business too so he’ll share as well).  What we are doing, what is working and what isn’t working.  Tobin will vlog tips and tricks from how to take a better selfie to how to pose.  We would also LOVE to know what your questions are for us.

Fridays- THEY SAID– this is where we will feature one of our clients.  We will share their story, either through their own words and photos or a video of their experience.  We can talk about what we do until we are blue in the face but we want you to hear from the people that really know what they are talking about.  The ones who have experienced for themselves!

Some posts will be long (we both can get going sometimes when given a soapbox to stand on) but some will be short and we are excited for this journey to begin.  I hope you’ll join us.

Thank and have a beautiful day!