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Margo’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver modern portrait studio

Our contest with Sex and the Suburb was such a huge hit!  We gave away 20 runner up prizes of a {modern glam} experience photo session and print credit.  Here’s one of the runner-up prize winners experience from the best person who can tell it… Margo!


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and the winner was… | vancouver modern portrait photographer

Back in February we did a contest with Sex and the Suburb and gave away a grand prize of a {modern glam} experience and an 8 image folioBox.  We had such a wonderful time with the winner, Trish, we made a video about it!


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Jen’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver portrait photographer

My Modern Glam Experience at phoTobin:

When Sarah asked me if I would like to share the story behind my modern glam photo shoot I was delighted! I had such an amazing experience that I can say THIS is something everyone should do. So here is my story:

It all started sometime last fall. After going through a hard time in my life I made up my mind that 2013 would be “The Year of Jen!” I would focus on doing things for me. I’d work on getting in shape, try to more time with friends, and committed myself to just being happier. I set a list of goals for myself to reach in 2013; small things like take better care of myself, save for a real vacation, and get a pinup tattoo. I have always wanted to have a pinup tattoo that looks like me and to do that I would need to have some pinup style photos done. So I started researching Vancouver photographers… and while there are a few who specialize in pinup photography, none of them felt right to me. That’s I came across Sarah and Tobin’s website. I looked at their photos, and more importantly I read their story.

I emailed Sarah right away and set up a meeting… and I have to say I was totally nervous; I have never been a girly girl, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Sarah and I sat down and she showed me some of their work, I was impressed. Then she told me why she and Tobin do what they do… I was blown away! These two people are doing something they LOVE, not just something that pays the bills…. And that passion shows in their work. I was instantly comfortable. We talked about why I was doing these photos, what my goal for this project was, and what I was looking for. I had found who I wanted to work with, so we set a date for my shoot, over the next couple weeks Sarah and I emailed back and forth with clothing and ideas for the big day.

Photo shoot day came… I was super nervous and excited. I showed up at the studio (early as always) and they were ready to start. Sarah and Tobin excitedly when through the clothes I had brought, coming up with outfits and a general plan for our day. Then Sarah went to work on my hair and makeup. When she was finished I could barely believe it was me in the mirror, I was blown away with how good I looked! Then the fun started…. Tobin was amazing at coaching me through the different poses and looks, and he made me feel completely comfortable and at ease (no matter what I was wearing… or not wearing). Watching Tobin work was very cool, he has such passion and brilliance for his work, and you can see it in his eyes. We worked our way through all the outfits, and many poses… I have to say it was a real workout. Sarah and Tobin were right there along with me the entire time, encouraging and helping me. The entire day was so much fun; I haven’t laughed and smiled that much in a while. I left the photo shoot feeling great about myself.

Only a few short days later and it was time to view my pictures… and of course I was nervous all over again. Like a lot of women I know I have never been a huge fan of pictures of myself. I went into the viewing feeling anxious, but confident about Sarah and Tobin’s work. When Sarah showed me my photos I was speechless, completely and utterly flabbergasted! I loved them, all of them…. She was very good at helping me choose the ones I wanted to keep, which ones I wanted to get now, and which ones I’ll be getting next time.

I honestly have to say that the entire experience, from the very start to where ever it ends up in the future, has been one of the most amazing, empowering things I’ve ever done for myself. Sarah and Tobin really do love what they do; it not only shows in their work, it shows in their eyes, smiles and hearts. I went into this hoping to get one photo that I could use as a base for my tattoo, and I came out of it with a beautiful collection that has fill me with happiness and self-love! The whole thing has been an amazing and eye opening experience that I truly think everyone should have.

I would like to thanks Sarah and Tobin for showing me a side of myself that I never knew was there. I cannot wait till we can do this again….. I will be back, with a little more ink, to do another shoot, and I’ll be bringing my friends.

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Ricky and Anne’s {modern glam} experience | vancouver modern portrait studio

Recently we were sponsors for a wonderful event, GLOW Vancity and this is where we met  the Daddy Blogger himself, Ricky Shetty.  We chatted at our booth, I shared what we do and Tobin and Ricky hit it off.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have had the pleasure of pampering Anne, Ricky’s wife, with the {modern glam} experience and meeting their beautiful little girl.  Here is their story from the best people to tell it, Anne and Ricky.

click here to read Ricky’s point of view of the {modern glam} experience

click here to read Anne’s point of view of the {modern glam} experience