If a pictures worth a thousand words then instead of a ba-zillion of words, here’s a behind the scenes video!

It’s not just a headshot… it’s THE [modern brand] EXPERIENCE!

From the minute you walk into our beautiful natural light studio be prepared to be primped, pampered and totally taken care of.

But first, before you even set foot into our studio, Tobin will chat with you about your business, your ideal client that you are wanting to attract, what your photographic needs are and about your personal brand.  We love to learn as much as we can about you and your business so we can make sure we capture that in your photographs.

When you come into the studio on the day of your shoot we will start by taking a look at the outfits you brought.  After we know how you want to be photographed and what you’ll be wearing, our makeup artist (usually me, Sarah) will whisk you into the makeup chair for hair and makeup.

Then, it’s your turn in front of the camera. Don’t worry that you won’t know what to do. Tobin will coach, pose and disarm you while I will keep an eye on all the little details of your hair, makeup and clothing. We will do a few different setups in a few different outfits giving you a great variety of brand consistant images to choose from.

About a week or two later you will return for an in-studio purchasing session of your portraits where Tobin will help you through the process of choosing your favourites and give you tips on how to best use them to promote yourself and your business.

click the links below to see some of our work at work:

we make stuff happen (from video above)

Tracey Themes

KD Fitness

Fit Knit Chick

The Vital Smile

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